How to Make Cheesecake (Without a Springform Pan)

It’s not always possible to have dessert every night of the week and even if you can, sometimes your kitchen just doesn’t come up with the most enticing choices.

Cheese-cakes can be quite troublesome when it comes to making sure that you have all of the right kitchen equipment, not to mention all of the steps you have to double check if you want to ensure that the cheesecake turns out the way it is supposed to on the first go.

Many people have trouble deciding what to do with their cheese cake. Of course, there are the traditional methods of making a cheesecake. However, there are also plenty of creative options for making it.

The cheesecake making process is a multi-step affair. You start by making sure your ingredients are prepared and at room temperature. Next, you prepare your cheesecake batter by whisking together the cream cheese and butter.

What Can I Use Instead?

Cheesecakes need to cool down slowly so that they don’t crack. If you want a light crust, bake it for just 12 minutes.

In order to avoid burning the bottom of the pan, you need to make sure that the pans are not too shallow. A shallow pan will allow for higher temperatures on the bottom of the pan.

If you want to create a Bundt cake but don’t have the right pan, then a Bundt cake pan is a good substitute. All of these pans should work well.

To make a deep-dish pizza, you’ll need to bake the pizza shell first.

If you’d like to keep the cheesecake in its original state, you will want to ensure that the bottom and sides of the pan are lined with parchment paper.

What is a springform pan?​

To make sure you understand the term “springform” and how to best use them, let’s start with the basics. Springform pans (also referred to as spring-release pans or spring-action pans) are made from two parts: a base and a ring.

The first part is the base that the bake sits on. The second part of the pan is the detachable walls, which latch onto the base.

This allows the sides of the pan to be easily removed from the base by pushing up on the walls and allowing them to pop out of place and away from the base.

Springform pans are fantastic for cheesecakes, but they also make a lot of other things. If you’re looking to create your next culinary creation, take a look at our range of springform pans.

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The first step to creating a successful cheesecake is to properly form the cake batter. Then, after the cake has finished baking, it needs to be chilled in a cold environment for several hours before it can be cut into individual pieces and served.

Before serving my cheesecake, I can run a hot knife around the inside of the ring to loosen the edges of the bake and pop the latch open. This way, I can remove the ring with no damage to the cheesecake and no fiddly removal.

Finding the Best Alternative

When you buy a springform pan, the only thing you are going to do with it is bake something. While you may bake things in a regular cake pan, or even in a muffin tin, a springform pan is made specifically to bake cakes.

Cheesecakes fall into this category, and they are a good example of how much work goes into baking one. But with all that effort, you just can’t turn your cake out any other way. They are still delicious though, so go for it!

In fact, you can use just about any type of baking pan for your cheesecake. The one thing that you will have to keep in mind when trying to decide which pan is going to be the best for you will be the fact that different pan shapes and sizes are going to affect the cooking time and you are going to need to adjust accordingly to that.

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Generally, all you will have to change will be the amount of time that the cake remains in the oven. You don’t have to change the temperature of the oven, or where the cake is placed inside the oven.

To know when your cake is finished, all you will need to remember for this is knowing how to tell when the cake has become light golden brown.

Then, when you periodically check on it and see that it is completely done, you can expect it to be ready in the next five minutes.

How to use a springform pan for cheesecake

Although there isn’t a specific tin that’s specifically designed for baking cheesecake, a springform pan is still the best option available to us bakers. It’s not only sturdy enough to accommodate a large cheesecake, but it’s also easy to use.

Using a springform pan for a cheesecake is easy and comes in many different shapes and sizes, so there is guaranteed to be one perfect for your needs.

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Greasing a pan can be a pain and, more importantly, can lead to sticking issues. It is a good idea to coat the bottom of the pan with melted butter or cake release spray and use a silicone spatula to smooth it around.

To create a beautiful cheesecake that is both smooth and creamy, let the dough sit and proof for at least 24 hours. To avoid sticking to the sides, add a bit of extra flour to the mixing bowl.

Gently lift out the ring and you should be left with a lovely, smooth cheesecake! So, can you make cheesecake without a springform pan? Yes!

Average Substitutes

It’s important to take into account the size and shape of the pans you have when choosing a recipe. When in doubt, you can make a small test batch and see how it goes!

A very common size of springform pan is about 10 inches, either in diameter or the length of the longest side. The pans that would work as an adequate substitute for this would be a 9 by 13-inch pan, a 9-inch tube pan, or even a 10-inch Bundt cake pan.

To estimate how large a baking dish you will need, start by measuring the height and diameter of your cake pan. If your pan is made of glass, you can use the pan’s height to get a rough idea of the volume of the pan.

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You can also use more than one pie plate or more than one springform pan for the same recipe. This is only possible if you have more than one pie plate or springform pan.

If you don’t have more than one, or if your pans are too small to accommodate the recipe, there’s a good chance you’ll have a disaster on your hands.

These pans can all work well for your cheesecake, allowing you to have the perfect cheesecake no matter where you are.

It may be a better idea to invest in the best cheesecake pan you can find so you can make the most delicious cake, but these are all great options.

Disposable Aluminum Pans

If you don’t have a springform pan, the best alternative is definitely those amazing disposable aluminum cake pans. They have a non-stick coating which makes them easy to remove from cheesecakes once they’ve been refrigerated.

Great! This isn’t exactly a long-term solution, as you’re going to need a lot of disposable cake tins if you’re planning on baking cheesecake regularly.

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Not to mention that this isn’t the most environmentally friendly way to bake cheesecake, although I can assure you that it is delicious.

If your two springform pan alternatives aren’t for you, but you still have the overwhelming desire to create that beautiful cheesecake, then just use a regular cake pan.

If you have the time and resources, cutting the cheesecake out of the tin and serving it might be the best option.

You can’t take it out of the oven until the cheese has completely melted and the casserole is ready.

Aluminum Foil

Long before I had a springform pan, I used to bake a cheesecake by lining a regular cake tin with aluminum foil (or parchment paper) and allow it to overhang around the side of the tin.

The springform pan can be an interesting alternative to a standard cheesecake pan. The springform allows the cheesecake to be served in a cake server instead of a regular dish.

To save your cheesecake from the harsh elements of the freezer, don’t be afraid to wrap it in plastic wrap before putting it in the deep freeze. It will come out soft and smooth as if it just came out of the oven.

What About No-Bake Cheesecake?

It’s hard to know what kind of cheesecake you want unless you really know what to look for, especially since cheesecake recipes tend to be notoriously difficult to modify.

There are many types of cheesecakes, and there are many different kinds of cheesecake makers. Here are some helpful pointers.

As the name suggests, no-bake cheesecakes aren’t baked – instead, they’re mixed together in a simple blender or food processor, and voila! You have a cheesecake that you didn’t have to bake. No more fussing with the oven or baking sheets. Just make and eat.

Many no-bake cheesecake recipes do not require anything special for you to put your cheesecake on. The only requirements that your ingredients must adhere to is that they must be liquid and that they are mixed together and baked.

You don’t really need a springform pan in the first place for no-bake cheesecake. If you don’t have one, just stick to the regular recipe, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t use a plastic cake mold instead.

To many people, the no-bake cheesecake is a much easier and quicker alternative to the traditional cheesecake recipe.

What Is The Difference Between A Cheesecake Pan And A Springform Pan?

For some odd reason, more people use springform pans to make cheesecakes than “cheesecake pans.” Indeed, so many cheesecake recipes call for springform pans that few people nowadays know “cheesecake pans” exist.

The key difference between these two-piece pans is that traditional cheesecake models tend not to release from the side. The “traditional” style has been around for years and there is certainly room for change when it comes to cheesecake recipes.

Cheesecake recipes can be a little bit finicky. It’s not that the cake needs a special pan, but that it requires a bit of care in the preparation.

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