A lot of people are curious about why coffee cake is called coffee cake to begin with. When you go to the store, you’ll find lots of baked goods that are marked specifically as being coffee cakes.

There are a wide variety of baked goods that are marketed and presented in this fashion, but why is it called coffee cake in the first place? Well, there’s actually a little bit of history behind this topic.

Types of Coffee Cake That You Will Find In America. This is the country where this type of pastry has been most popularized.

One of the most common versions is crumb or streusel type coffee cake which gets its name from the fact that it’s covered in crumble or streusel topping.

There are also other forms of coffee cake including those that have a heavy fruit component to them or those which contain chocolate as well.

So what gives them the name to begin with? Well, there’s actually a little bit of history to learn about in order to understand this better.

Does Coffee Cake Contain Coffee?

As we mentioned earlier, there is actually no coffee in a traditional or typical type of coffee cake. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a version of this pastry that does contain coffee.

If you want to spice things up, then you might enjoy trying out an actual cake recipe that incorporates the taste and aroma of your favorite morning drink into it.

The traditional crumb or streusel type is still enjoyed by many people as well because they are very tasty treats in their own right! So there isn’t really any need for them to be combined with something else if you don’t want to do so either.

You should just try out all kinds of different recipes and see which ones appeal most to your particular tastes and preferences.

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That way you will know how best to go about baking these yourself at home whenever you have guests or simply want to treat yourself!

That’s why this cake is called coffee cake, and it’s a very delicious and tasty type of pastry that you will enjoy eating regardless.

The Beginning of Coffee Cake

The coffee cake actually originated from the Netherlands in the 1600s. It was called a koekje, and it was a small, round cake that people would dunk into their coffee.

Since this was centuries ago, there are obviously some changes that have been made to the recipe over time. However, you can still see how the two items are linked together in history.

There are many different types of coffee cakes. There isn’t just one specific recipe for this type of baked good, so people can enjoy it however they want to based on their own tastes and preferences.

You might also see some variations that come from other countries besides the Netherlands.

The idea was adopted by various nations over time, but today Americans tend to eat these more than anyone else during breakfast or brunch meals.

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When you go out to a restaurant where you order breakfast at your table, odds are the meal will begin with coffee cake alongside your cup of joe (or tea). That is why many places often use “coffee cake” as an umbrella term to encompass all kinds of individual cakes.

German Tradition

One of the most popular types of coffee cake is the German variety. There are many different recipes for this, but it often contains poppy seeds or nuts inside of it.

The Germans have been baking cakes like this for centuries and they’re considered one of the primary origins of the coffee cake.

You can see how people could easily get confused by the name because it’s meant to be eaten along with coffee.

However, you should take note that this cake is not named how it is based on its ingredients or contents.

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It actually has less than nothing to do with coffee itself! The word “cake” in German means small and round, so there are different names for larger cakes like tortes rather than koekjes which were smaller ones.

This term was just shortened due to common usage over time until people began referring to all kinds of small cakes as being called a coffee cake.

Traditional American Coffee Cake

There are many different types of coffee cake that you will find in America. This is the country where this type of pastry has been most popularized.

One of the most common versions is a crumb coffee cake. It gets its name from the fact that it’s covered in a crumble or streusel topping.

This is a very popular type of coffee cake and it’s often served in various restaurants as well as being available for purchase at grocery stores.

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It’s a pretty simple recipe to follow, so you can easily make this yourself at home if you want to.

There are variations of the crumb coffee cake that include things like blueberries or chocolate chips. However, the most traditional version is just covered in crumble topping.

People Like Coffee and Cake Together

As you can see, there are many different types of coffee cakes that people enjoy. It’s not just one particular cake recipe that is marked in this way.

People have been eating various kinds of pastries along with their cup of coffee for hundreds and thousands of years now.

It doesn’t matter if it comes from the Netherlands or Germany or America because ultimately it all gets lumped into being called a coffee cake regardless!

This term has become common throughout the world over time because so many cultures enjoy having pastry alongside their morning beverage.

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You should also note that even though these items are often eaten together, they don’t need to be mutually exclusive either.

You might find yourself stopping at your favorite bakery for coffee cake in the morning, but you might also want to enjoy it later on during afternoon tea. Or maybe even as an evening snack!

This is not a type of pastry that people are expected to eat solely at breakfast or brunch along with their cup of joe (or tea).


Coffee cake is a classic pastry that has been around for hundreds of years. As its name might imply, the original version was made without coffee. This recipe evolved over time to include more ingredients until it became what we know as a crumb or streusel type of dessert today.

The various types of recipes you will find are all delicious and tasty in their own right so try out different versions!

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